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All hotels in common

•2days prior notice is required for additional orders.
•Photos below show examples of the dishes.
•Vegetarian meals are not available.
•Prices below do not include consumption tax, which will be added when you book.
•The dinner menu changes on a regular basis twice a year in April and September.
•Concerning the menu of dinner and breakfast, we will serve the different menu on another night for long-stay customers.

  • Until October 5th
  • From October 6th


Japanese Food

The main dish is Miso-Sukiyaki
with plenty of vegetables and Domestic pork.
Please enjoy typical Japanese cuisine,
"Sukiyaki"in Ichinoyu version.

ICHINOYU Original Tofu
Marinated "Misaki"Maguro Tuna and Avocado Lemon Sauce
Fried fish eith Delicious Crisp Soy Sauce
Steamed Seafood
Miso Flavored Sukiyaki Pot Dish with Domestic pork.
Steamed Rice,Pickles,Soup

Japanese Food + Sashimi boat
(2,000 yen extra per adult)

Japanese Food
+ Assorted Sashimi Boat
(Photo: two-portion Sashimi Boat)

Child meal

Including a hamburg steak(ground beef, pork and chicken),
deep fried shrimp, fresh salad and so on.

Additional order

Ichinoyus recommendation
Boiled sea bream fish
2,000 yen (2-3person)
Note : Standard dinner menu on the 2nd night
for long stay guest has been already included with this fish.
* 2days prior notice is required for additional order.

Sashimi lobster (thinly-sliced fresh raw lobster)
Sweet taste and unique texture.
2,000 yen (one person)
* 2days prior notice is required for additional order.

Sashimi plate (slice of raw fish)
The dish is beautiful to the eye, let alone it tastes great.
5,000 yen (2-3 persons)
* 2days prior notice is required for additional order.


Regular Japanese style Menu

Dried Japanese Horse Mackerel
Half-boiled Egg
Natto (Fermented soybeans)
Steamed rice and Miso soup
Japanese Pickles etc...
* The menu is subject to change in stock status.

Additional Order
(plus 300 yen per plate)

A:two rolls and one croissant
B:Egg omlet with Sausages
* 2days prior notice is required for additional order.




Arrival Date

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Nights Room(s)

Number of Guests

Number of Adult Guests person(s).
Child A person(s).
4 to 12 years old
Child B person(s).
3years old and under with bedding
Child C person(s).
3years old and under with meals(No bedding)
Child D person(s).
3years old and under (No meals & bedding)
* Enter the number of person per room.



  • 2meals and Time to GEISHA
  • 2meals & make coaster of yosegi zaiku
  • Shinbashi TAMAKIYA×Hakone ICHINOYU
  • QS Movie
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